Reading room

Reading Room

If you want to do research on topics on international law, the library is here for you. Visit our state of the art reading room and enjoy our facilities and services. The Library’s reading room is situated in the new wing of the Peace Palace and is open on weekdays.  

Opening hours

The Peace Palace Library reading room is open when the library is open, i.e. on Mondays from 1-5 PM, and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10-5PM. The library is closed during the weekend. Visitors need a valid ID.

Virtual Library Tour

virtualtour_06We are  proud to present a virtual tour of our Library, the ‘next best experience’ in addition to a visit to our physical building. This comprehensive virtual tour allows you to take a virtual, self-guided, room-by-room tour through our Library by using a desktop computer or a mobile device. Information about the reading room and the inventory is included in the tour.

Reading room map

In the Reading Room, you will find the handbooks and principal publications on various research topics. You can also find reference works, encyclopedias and dictionaries. All the other publications are located in the stacks, which are not accessible to the public. To make it easier for you to find books in our new reading room, you can use our Reading room map (pdf’) »

New titles in Reading room

READ PUB 001 409 Einführung in das Völkerrecht / Stephan Hobe ; begründet von Otto Kimminich. - Zehnte, überarbeitete und aktualisierte Auflage. - Tübingen : A. Francke Verlag, [2014]. - XXIII, 664 pages. ; 22 cm. - (Uni-Taschenbücher ; 469)
READ MUN 100 707 Winfield and Jolowicz on tort. - Nineteenth edition / by Edwin Peel , James Goudkamp. - London : Thomson Reuters, trading as Sweet & Maxwell, 2014. - CLVII, 852 pages. ; 24 cm
Federal rules of civil procedure : rules and commentary / Steven S. Gensler. - 2015 edition. - Eagan, MN : Thomson Reuters, 2015. - 2 volumes (XVII, 1461, IX, 529 pages). ; 25 cm
READ HIS 004 010 The dictionary of seventeenth and eighteenth-century Dutch philosophers / general editors: Wiep van Bunge ... [et al.]. - Bristol : Thoemmes Press, 2003. - 2 dl. : ill. ; 25 cm
READ HIS 004 010 The dictionary of seventeenth and eighteenth-century Dutch philosophers / Wiep van Bunge. - Bristol : Thoemmes Press, 2003. - XXII, 549 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
READ HIS 004 010 The dictionary of seventeenth and eighteenth-century Dutch philosophers / Wiep van Bunge. - Bristol : Thoemmes Press, 2003. - P. 551-1116. ; 25 cm
READ HIS 004 010 Althusius, Johannes (1557? 1563?-1638) / Robert C.F. v. Friedeburg. - Bristol : Thoemmes Press. - Page 11-18
READ HIS 004 010 Barbeyrac, Jean (1674-1744) / Joris van Eijnatten. - Bristol : Thoemmes Press. - Page 48-52
READ HIS 004 010 Descartes, René (1596-1650) / Theo Verbeek. - Bristol : Thoemmes Press. - Page 254-260
READ HIS 004 010 Grotius, Hugo (1583-1645) / J.W. Bok. - Bristol : Thoemmes Press. - Page 366-374
READ HIS 004 010 Huber, Ulrik (1636-94) / Th.J. Veen. - Bristol : Thoemmes Press. - Page 457-460
READ HIS 004 010 Locke, John (1632-1704) / Luisa Simonutti. - Bristol : Thoemmes Press. - Page 633-639
READ HIS 004 010 Noodt, Gerard (1647-1725) / Govaert C.J.J. van den Bergh. - Bristol : Thoemmes Press. - Page 736-739
READ HIS 004 010 Rousset de Missy, Jean (1686-1762) / Margaret C. Jacob. - Bristol : Thoemmes Press. - Page 860-862

Facilities and services

Service desk

In the reading room you will find the Library’s service desk. A staff member of the Library will be always there to assist you. This is also the place to become a member of the Library, and to return and collect your books and publications.

International newspapers

In a corner of the reading room, you will find the ‘lounge.’ On the coffee table in the lounge we will deposit, every day the Library is open, the latest edition of some of the most prominent newspapers in Europe. We have paper subscriptions to Le Monde, Die Zeit, the Guardian and the weekly Economist. All our visitors are free to read these newspapers in the lounge, during opening hours of the Library. We kindly ask you to leave the newspapers inside the lounge.

Librarians choice

Our library is updated with about 600 new titles (books, journals and journal articles) every week. You can find a selection of these publications in the shelves opposite to the Service desk.

Make photocopies

To the right of the elevator, with the service desk at your left hand side, there is a photocopying room with several copiers for your use. Go to the service desk to buy a photocopying card:

  • €2 for 20 photocopies,
  • €5 for 50,
  • €10 for 120, and
  • €20 for 250 photocopies.

You can pay in cash or with pin-card. Handle your photocopying cards with care as crumpled or damaged cards will not be accepted by the machines.


To print a document from a computer inside the Reading Room:

  • Send the order to printer ‘OCE8465’ (this is the standard setting on all desktops in the reading room).
  • Write down the number of the computer you are working on. You can find the number on the sticker in the left corner of the monitor (LZ01, LZ02, etc)
  • Go to the copy room. Inside the copy room, you will find the printer directly on your right.
  • Insert your copy/printing card in the small card reader.
  • Fill in your PC number on the screen.
  • Select and print the document. You can only print one print-job at a time.
  • Print jobs will be stored for 30 minutes.


It is very easy to connect to the library network; we have a socket for your laptop at every desk in the reading room. Also, you can join our wireless network. Ask the service desk for the access key. If you don’t know how to connect to our network, please view our instructions. To connect to our network; Windows users click here, and Mac users click here. If you want to use a UTP cable but forgot yours, ask our service desk. We have spare cables to use inside the reading room.

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