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A painting by Christiaan de Moor, portraying Hugo de Groot and various other dignitaries. Photograph: Onno Kosters.

In 2004 the Dutch Carnegie Foundation in the Peace Palace in The Hague celebrated its 100th anniversary. Thanks to Andrew Carnegie's enthusiasm to provide a library for the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Peace Palace became the legal and scholarly institute it still is today. In one hundred years the library has grown from a small collection to one of the largest collections in the world in the field of international law, public and private international law, foreign national law, international relations and diplomatic history. And so, as Carnegie had intended, The Hague, the 'Legal Capital of the World', obtained its 'Center for International Legal Research'.

To celebrate the centennial, the staff of the Library is pleased to announce the publication of The Peace Palace Library Centennial Exhibition: The Collection as a Mirror of the Historical Development of International Law. This jubilee exhibition will cover all the periods in international law, from 17th-century books on the law of the sea and rare treaty series to the electronic documents of the UN online documents service; from arbitration in 1848 to modern arbitration, from International Criminal Law in 1880 to the present International Criminal Court; from Latin texts to French, English and even Chinese law books. Everybody interested in the development of a law collection through history into the present time will want to visit the exhibition for its biographical, bibliographical, historical and legal information.

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    The exhibition offers a dynamic, multi-level experience of international law, in which unexpected see-throughs reveal surprising vistas. It was designed and edited by Onno Kosters, with moral support and practical and technical assistance by the staff of the Peace Palace Library.

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