A report published by President Paul Kagame's government accuses France of complicity in Rwanda's 1994 genocide, by supporting and training Hutu leaders and their militia carrying out the massacres that killed 800.000 people. The so-called 'Mucyo Commission' report names senior French officials, including the country's former president and prime minister among those who should be held responsible for the slaughter of over a million people in 1994. France denies all accusations. In 1998 another report already accused France of contributing to Rwanda’s genocide. A French parliamentary committeeacknowledged that mistakes had been made, but cleared France of any responsibility for the killing spree that took place.

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  1. Several interesting documents from the catalogue regarding the alleged role of France in the Genocide can be found here ;


    It will be very interesting to see this document when it is finally published.

    The fact remains that France was the greatest supporter of Rwanda prior to the genocide.

    It is interesting to see what evidence of France's complicity (or even knowledge) of the genocide will be presented.

    Especially, France's role in operation Turquoise (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Turquoise).

    Once teh report is published, I will add a link to this blogg.

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