The Genocide Convention at Sixty!
In 1948 the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide .
To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Convention the Case Western Reserve Journal of International law has published a double issue dedicated to Genocide:
“To Prevent and Punish: Commemorating the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Negotiations of the Genocide Convention” (Vol. 40, 2008, No. 1-2) [Table of contents]

The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Center for International Law and the Peace Palace organise a two-day conference in The Hague to mark the 60th anniversary of the Genocide Convention.
“In an interdisciplinary setting, both historians and lawyers will examine how to achieve a proper balance between the popular perception of genocide and its legal definition, based on the 1948 Convention.”
Dr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo (Chief Prosecutor ICC) will deliver the keynote speech : The ICC and Genocide.

Themes of the different panels are :

  • Remembering Raphael Lemkin. The Significance and Cost of Being a Pioneer
  • Genocide: The Specific Intent to Destroy Compensating Victims of Genocide
  • Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity: Clarifying the Relationship
  • Records of Genocide. The primary and secondary value of the ICTR and ICTY archives
  • Law and Politics: The Impact of the Cold War on the Genocide Convention
  • Seeking Justice for Genocide. Holocaust-Era Restitution in the 90s
  • Legal Responses to Holocaust and Genocide Denial
  • Incitement to commit genocide
  • The Institutionalization of Transitional Justice Practices in the Aftermath of Mass Political Violence
  • The Institutionalization of Transitional Justice Practices in the Aftermath of Mass Political Violence
  • Defending Individual Perpetrators of Genocide

Professors Kai Ambos, Göran Sluiter, Liesbeth Zegveld, Ward Ferdinandusse, William Schabas, Harmen van der Wilt, Michael Marrus will chair the panels.

Professor Schabas wrote a lengthy article on the history of making of the Genocide Convention and its influence.

For more literature, see related publications in the Peace Palace library on genocide and the >genocide convention

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