It is freezing cold in the Hague. People are skating on the pond in the rose garden under the eyes of the statue of Erasmus.

Before you go out you want to know which books are available on the 360 shelves in the reading room, apart from the books and journals you can request from the online catalogue.

We developed an easy online tool for this, the Reading Room Map. You find it under reading room in the upper bar. You see 7 double rows of books and at the bottom a list of subjects. You can click on a row and then on a shelf to see the list of books waiting there for you to be used.

In the first row you find a selection of 180 of the most important international law journals. If you click on one of the yellow cases you see the whole list of those journal titles. Go on, and you are even taken to the full text, inhouse only of course.

Then a selection of our new books. If you click there, you come in LibraryThing, where we ideally give a short description of the content of the books and add a few tags. Go on to the catalogue and reserve the book if you want.

You continue your tour through the library. You find the whole Recueil des Cours collection of the Hague Academy of International Law, at this moment 332 volumes. We have them also fulltext online, go to our e-resources, inhouse only. Then you find the manuals of public international law, in all languages, you pass treaties, States, territory, diplomacy etc.

The structure of the public international law part comes from our systematic catalogue , which in turn is based on Oppenheim’s International Law, in combination with the classification of the Max Planck Public International Law Bibliography.

After war, the last public international law subject, you find private international law, comparative law, municipal law with the main works on the law of the different countries and in the end reference works, from history, geography, grammar and style, legal research to 28 metres of dictionaries.

You can also start with the subject list at the bottom, it tells you where on the shelves you can find a particular subject.

You jump on your bike, you can not wait to go through the books with your hands, study in the warm reading room and have a warm chocolate downstairs in our canteen.

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