Last week Professors Thomas Franck (1931-2009) and Sir Derek Bowett (1927-2009) passed away. They had impressive careers in the field of international law. No doubt they have been aware of each others work. In any case Thomas Franck reviewed Bowett’s book “Law of International Institutions” in Harvard Law Review 1964 (vol. 77, p. 1565-1568). The book (9th edition 2009) still is obligatory reading for law students.
Both were involved in cases before the International Court of Justice in The Hague.
Franck represented Chad and Bosnia in a suit brought against Serbia under the Genocide Convention and served as a judge ad hoc (Indonesia/Malaysia) from 2001-2002. Bowett worked for Denmark in two cases, the Jan Mayen Case and another concerning ships passing through the Danish straits (this never came to court).
Both gave lectures at The Hague Academy of International Law in the Peace Palace, which are published in the Recueil des Cours.
Bowett: Contemporary developments in legal techniques in the settlement of disputes. Recueil des cours, Volume 180 (1983-II), pp. 169-235,
Franck: Minimum standards of public policy and order applicable to collective international commodity negotiations, Recueil des cours, Volume 160 (1978-II), pp. 395-436
Franck : Fairness in the international legal and institutional system : general course on public international law, Recueil des Cours, Volume 240 (1993-III) , pp. p.9-498.
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