New blog on international law news
Our library staff is immersed in international law news in many forms on a daily basis. We read websites, newspapers, blogs, news of international organizations and many other things. We decided to bring this international law news as a kind of extra alerting service in a new blog on international law news. Read it on our library website or use RSS to stay up to date.

in the library
The Library has subscribed on Swisslex, the most comprehensive legal database in Switzerland. Swisslex provides full-text access to judicial decisions and academic resources about Swiss law, both federal as cantonal case law and legislation, along with law journals, law books, and a unique thesaurus tool that translates search terms into any of Switzerland's official languages. Publications include Gesetzesumgehung im internationalen Privatrecht, Schweizerische Zeitschrift für internationales und europäisches and Schweizerisches Jahrbuch für Europarecht. Swisslex is for inhouse use only.

More on publications related to Switzerland: go to our useful country list, or choose the option find by country on our home page.

New feature: QR codes
QR codes, or Quick Reponse codes, are two-dimensional bar codes containing information like phone numbers, text, URLs, or other things. These codes can be scanned by camera smartphones, like the iPhone or Android phone. Using a special scanning application, like Google’s free Barcode Scanner, you can scan the QR code to read the information hidden inside it. Your phone will automatically take you to a website or get you the library’s contact information for example, right on your phone. The QR on the left hand side of the home page will take you to a phone friendly version of our library blog, and we are exploring new ways of using these codes to take you to bibliographic information.

Want to try it out?

Try to scan the image to the left to view the library's contact information!

Learn more about QR codes on wikipedia and the website 2-de code.

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