The IALL (International Association of Law Libraries) will hold its 29th Annual Course on International Legal Information and Law in the Peace Palace in The Hague from 5-9- September 2010.
Theme of the Conference is: “Dutch Gateways to International Law
(Euthanasia, Drugs, The Hague World Capital of International Law, Water, Grotius)

The keynote speech “International Law in Relation to the Dutch Constitution” will be delivered by Mr W.J.M. Davids, Former President of the Dutch Supreme Court, Head of the Committee to Investigate Decision-Making concerning War.
An attractive program offers eight sessions with lectures that will inform the participants of the Dutch connection with various aspects of international law. Experts will speak of the internationally highly criticized Dutch Policy on Drugs, Euthanasia Practice, and the role of the international courts, tribunals and other legal institutions in The Hague World Capital of International Law.
In a special session in Rotterdam specialists will elaborate on issues related with the Rotterdam harbor; Water, law, Transportation Rules, Rotterdam Rules, Law of the Sea.
The legal history and History of the Book session includes lectures on Hugo Grotius (Father of International Law), Erasmus, and the problem of the translation of official legal texts.
Visits to libraries, museums, lunch and diner-parties, even a mini-cruise through the Rotterdam harbor, will no doubt contribute to a successful conference.

The IALL publishes the International Journal of Legal Information

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