In a corner of the reading room, you will find the ‘lounge.’ The lounge looks very much like a small living room: in the middle stands a coffee table, surrounded by a very comfortable black leather sofa and some black leather chairs. On this coffee table, we will deposit, every day the Library is open, the latest edition of some of the most prominent newspapers in Europe.

We have paper subscriptions to Le Monde, Die Zeit, and the Guardian. All our visitors are free to read these newspapers in the lounge, during opening hours of the Library. We kindly ask you to leave the newspapers inside the lounge. If you take the newspapers with you - even for an hour or so - that will make it difficult for others to enjoy them. It is our strong belief that a good international lawyer has an interest in and knowledge of what is going on in the world. And there is no better way to stay informed than by reading a good newspaper!

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