Good news from this part of the world. We are happy to announce our subscription to two new legal databases. Artemis from Morocco and Hukuk Türk from Turkey.

Artemis gives you 6 options. The content based Droit des affaires (also including laws and regulations of a general nature) , Droit social and Droit public, then the case law in Jurisprudence, and all legislation since 1912 in le Bulletin officiel and consolidated in le Jurisclasseur. All texts are bilingual, you choose either French or Arabic. Only the case law comes in Arabic with the exception of some selected important cases which have been translated into French and the case law from before 1956.

Each database has its own Moteur de recherche and structured keyword based Tables de matières. The BO and the Jurisclasseur also offer an Accès chronologique. Results can be printed and copy/pasted. By choosing for registration in the search screen you can fill Mon dossier with documents, favorites and your own annotations.

The content of Hukuk Türk is equally rich. If you understand Turkish, you can search through thousands of decisions of the Supreme Court of Appeal (1926>), State Council (1930>), Constitutional Court (1961>) and the European Court of Human Rights (1995>). Legislation, amended or new, is completely available. All laws and regulations are updated on a daily basis with the publication of the Official Journal Resmi Gazete. The texts of draft laws come from the prime Ministry. A Turkish Law Bibliography, a Legal Dictionary, samples of petitions and contracts complete this advanced Turkish law portal. Only legal journals are missing in the Moroccan and the Turkish databases. Inhouse only of course.

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