Egypt and its Constitution

The 1971 Constitution of the Arab Republic of Egypt as amended to 2007 contains many articles relevant for the present situation.
As there are:
Article 3 : Sovereignty is for the People alone
Article 5: Right to establish Political Parties
Article 40: All Citizens are Equal before the Law
Article 41: Individual Liberty is a Natural Right
Article 46: Freedom of Religion
Article 48: Freedom of the Press. In a State of Emergency limited Censorship may be imposed. See also Art. 206-211
Article 54: Right tot Peaceable Assembly
Article 64: Rule of Law basis of exercise of Public Power
Article 76: Election President
Article 83; Resignation President
Article 148: The President alone shall proclaim a State of Emergency in the manner prescribed by law
Article 180: The State alone shall establish armed forces which owe their allegiance to the People

Clearly the People of Egypt have every right to demand the execution of their constitution!

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