The Amsterdam Court has cleared Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders of hate charges.

According to the Dutch court his anti-islamic statements always fell within the bounds of legitimate political debate even if they were offensive to many Muslims. The Amsterdam Court found his rhetoric was "on the edge of what is legally permissible." The statements were directed "against a religion as such and not against individual persons or a group of people."

Geert Wilders claims the victory for freedom of expression and religion.

Freedom of expression is important for everyone.
Freedom of expression is even more important for members of parliament in their representative functioning, defending the interests of the electorate.

One Response to Dutch MP acquitted : freedom of expression prevails

  1. ==The statements were directed "against a religion as such and not against individual person or a group of people."==

    It is not true that the statemenst are directed against the religion and not against individual persons. See for instance here some quotes in dutch.

    When he names Aboutaleb, the mayor of Rotterdam, by name that is against persons. When he says that Muslims breed too much, as a demographic war, infiltrate, penetrate, make propaganda, proselytize, when Wilders says that he want all the Muslims and all the immigrants to return to their countries, that government should take action to stimulate this return, even if they are the second and third generation, when he says that the Muslims should not enjoy the same constitutional rights because they are untrustworthy, he is speaking about persons, not about a faith.

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