The true faith? A cosmopolitan project in the early Enlightenment 10 February-11 February 2012, University of Potsdam and HBPG, Potsdam

Hugo Grotius  (1583-1645) still is a subject of study, thought, research and discussion!

Hugo Grotius, the famous author of “De iure belli ac pacis” and widely known as the “Father of International Law” also was a prolific writer on theological subjects.  His “Truth of the Christian Religion” (1627) is the central theme of this Conference.

Grotius’ defence of the faith in “De Veritate religionis christianae” (1627) was an immensely popular work in his days for the refreshingly new way he approached religion. His own experience with religious intolerance must have inspired him  to this work.The book is the Latin version of “Bewijs van de waren godsdienst, 1622) (Proof of the true religion), which he wrote during his imprisonment in Loevestein, from 1619 to 1621. It was dedicated to the people of Holland. The Latin edition was dedicated to Jerôme Bignon, the King’s Advocate-General in Paris. During his lifetime five translations of “De veritate” appeared: one English, two Germans and two French.

The topics of the program and the speakers promise very interesting discussions about the role of religion in society.  A very contemporary issue.

The Peace Palace Library Grotius Collection holds almost all the editions of “De veritate”. Some are very small, some large, some have annotations, while others seem unused.  Together these volumes, about three meters, visually show the reception and reaction of many learned men, expressed in the dedications, forewords, remarks, and notes.

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