The new website of the library of the Peace Palace is now live! With this renewed website we strive to improve our (online) library services and optimize the accessibility of our resources. The main menu at the top of the webpage displays an overview of our collection and webservices. The completely renewed design and interface displays our services as clear, attractive and user friendly as possible. We hope you will benefit a lot from these improvements.

Help us improve our new website

We realize there are some loose ends, even undetected loose ends. Until the moment we have removed these irregularities, we can call this a beta-release of the website. We ask you, our user, to browse our new website to get a taste of it. See how it works and then let us know what you think about it.  So, give us feedback and / or fill in our questionnaire. This way it will be a lot easier for us to provide you with the most relevant and needed information. Remember, what we offer now is just a starting point! In the near future our research guides and other services will continue to develop, the information landscape will be continuously adapted and updated. We hope that this new approach will be most beneficial to you!

Research guides: a new way of presenting our resources

Rearranging the way in which libraries usually profile themselves on the web, is a hard thing to do. Libraries intend to express what they can provide: lots of books and journals, nowadays also e-books and e-journals. And that there is a library system to be used for searching or detecting what you want.
However, we decided to change course about one year ago. We will not state any more that we have tons and tons of publications in whatever form, although this is really the case, but we will try to focus on a selection of important subjects in the domain of international law. Therefore, we developed so called research guides, each having an introduction, an up to date bibliography, the most important reference works, related keywords and so on. Explore our new Research guides »

Ask our librarians or share your expertise

Those responsible for creating and maintaining the research guides are experts in their fields. If you have any questions about a research guide or you need custom advise, ask our librarians.
Besides that we strongly invite you to express your meaning or give extra information using the contact form presented with each research guide or by commenting on blogs and library news items.

Peace Palace Library Newsletter

The Library starts this year with a new service: the Peace Palace Library Newsletter. With this service we keep you up to date with news about your Library and information about topics and resources on international law. Our relations receive the first newsletter in January 2012. If you did not yet receive the newsletter and you are interested in receiving it, use the subscription form on our website to sign up.  The newsletter will appear approximately once every two months.

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