Justice For Sale; The struggle for a fair trial in The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The prosecution of a suspect accused of rape and the struggle of his lawyer for a fair and just trial

The Peace Palace Library will present the award winning documentary film Justice For Sale by Ilse & Femke van Velzen about the failing criminal justice system in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The documentary is spoken in French, Swahili and Lingala with English subtitles.

Dr. Janine Ubink, senior lecturer at the Law Faculty of Leiden University will give an introduction. She is an expert on African law issues and has published extensively on subjects such as customary law, land rights and traditional legal practices.

Ilse & Femke van VelzenFemke and Ilse van Velzen are Dutch documentary filmmakers with a special interest in Congo.  Their company IF Productions produced the international award winning documentary Weapon of War in 2009. The most recent documentary Justice For Sale was presented at the Movies that Matter Filmfestival in The Hague in March 2012. Their documentaries focus on exposing injustice in developing countries to a worldwide audience in order to give oppressed people a voice.

Read our  Interview with Ilse van Velzen in our April Newsletter here.

The program for the evening will be as follows:

17.30  Doors open and coffee

18.00  Opening remarks by  Dr. Janine Ubink

18.15   Screening of Justice for Sale

19.35  Q & A  with Ilse & Femke van Velzen

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We wish to remind you that you are required to bring a valid ID (passport, driving license). Without an ID, you will not be able to access the Peace Palace.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could attend this event



Jeroen Vervliet,

Director of the Peace Palace Library


Dr. Janine Ubink

Justice for Sale

Dr. Janine Ubink
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