Recent acquisitions page

Recent acquisitions page

Almost 10 years ago the Peace Palace Library started sending so called alerts to a small group of persons who were interested in receiving an overview of recent acquisitions. In the years thereafter, more and more people subscribed to this method of delivery of interesting and/or relevant literature. Nowadays there are some 1,000 subscribers to about 50 different subjects!

In the early days of this service, subscribers received extensive, bibliographic information in the body of the email. It goes without saying that, depending on the subject, these emails could be rather lengthy. So after a couple of years we decided to send a link to an internet page instead, which contained this bibliographic information. For a brief time the link referred to a dynamically produced pdf file, but this proved to be too server heavy. Anyhow, emails with just links, really are a reminder and always compact.

However, since last week we changed the landing page of our recent acquisitions (see image at the left). You will still receive an alert, an email message, referring to one or more webpages, according to the amount of subscriptions you have, but this webpage is completely restyled. In stead of just a short title, we now provide a more or less full bibliographic description, indicating if you are dealing with a book chapter or a journal article, if the item is an e-resource or just a book.

Also, all the added keywords are shown, each, if you click them, leading you to all the items in our OPAC having that same keyword. Moreover, we also offer the opportunity to combine two or three keywords, thus giving the possibility to zoom in on a specific subject without using our OPAC itself. Click here for a full example of such a page. Remember, this is all beta, as we are still trying to enhance the presentations of the bibliographic items further.

For the time being we work with an MongoDB database containing only the last 35,000 records added to our OPAC. Therefore you will only see the latest additions after combining the keywords. If you need exhaustive results you still need to visit and use our OPAC. In the next couple of months the number of records in our MongoDB database will grow gradually. We will keep you informed.

We are convinced that the presentation of recent acquisitions in this way is much more informative and helpfull than it once was. We hope you think so too. And of course we would like to know, so please comment.

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