Visit Royal Netherlands Navy (picture taken by Jeroen Vervliet)

Summer has come to an end and so have the activities of The Hague Academy. Last Friday, the participants of the Centre for Studies and Research finished the first stage of their research for this year’s program on Criminal Acts at Sea. Nasser Adbul, a participant from Cameroon, has kindly sent us his thoughts on his stay in the Peace Palace Library and the city of The Hague. Here's what he had to say.

 1. The Centre for Studies and Research

The Centre for Studies is the best research center I had to opportunity of participating in so far. First, the research is taken very seriously; it is conducted under the supervision of a research director of the two sections (Anglophone and Francophone). The bilingual program reflects the diversity of nationalities and cultures within the group.

Second, the research is conducted in a relatively relaxed atmosphere, without psychological pressure.

For entertaining and learning purposes, activities and excursions were organized, such as Fishing Without Nets , the film about Somali piracy or our memorable fieldtrip to the city of Den Helder.

Finally, the conviviality, the friendliness of directors facilitates discussion and understanding.

 2. The Library

In the Library, I was able to find about 90% of the books that I needed for the research I am conducting.  The site of the Peace Palace Library is easy to access and userfriendly for conducting research. The library staff is very friendly ,all do their job well, but Niels is perfect. And that is what we really need; because a large library that is not welcoming is not an incentive to return.

In this relaxed environment, all options are available, copying, printing etc. Even the restaurant, The Refectorium, is open to participants which allows you to spend your entire day in the Peace Palace Library.

 3. The city

The Peace Palace is the image of The Hague. It’s a very clean city, with excellent public transportation to its beautiful beaches where a researcher can relax after a week of hard work.

 4. Conclusion

Peace Palace is a symbol for peace in the world. But I also remember that it is a unique place to study International law .  A lawyer by training and starting a university career, I have already planned to return for the preparation of the Competition Aggregation.

Even though I'm not an envoy of the PPL, I will pass the information (good news) to anyone who wants to do research here. It is worthy of praise.


Nasser ABDOUL (Cameroun)

Participant Centre d’Etudes 2012

Section Francophone.

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