For our final Newsletter of 2012, we asked Mr. Aus Greidanus, artistic director of The Hague- European Capital of Culture in 2018 to express a Christmas wish for our subscribers. Although The Hague did not make it to the shortlist to obtain the title of European Capital of Culture 2018, this will not deter our city from realizing all its cultural and educational ambitions mentioned in the bid book.  […] ‘The Hague is an international city with a […] network stretching all over the world that carries an international mandate to resolve conflicts and to help societies accommodate differences’, Mr. Greidanus stated. Please read his Christmas wish here:


The Hague; City without walls, Haven for free thought .

 In spite of all the support within our city, we didn’t succeed

In reaching the next round to become the European Capital of Culture 2018

Of course a big disappointment for all of us

Nevertheless we will continue to invest in Culture ,

Art and cultural education

Because they hold as it were a mirror to ourselves ,

to our city, and to Europe.

It teaches us to look across boundaries.

Not to judge or prejudge,

but to seek inspiration

and to be inspired,

it is our sincerest hope to develop these ideas

in 2013

we are convinced that this will contribute to a more open and tolerant society

in the years to come


About Aus Greidanus

Aus Greidanus - Artistic Director Den Haag 2018Aside from being the artistic director of The Hague - European Capital of Culture,  Mr. Greidanus is a well respected actor in The Netherlands. In addittion, he is also  director and head of Theatre Group De Appel which is based in Scheveningen. De Appel is famous for its particular acting style and its marathon performances.

More information, see: Toneelgroep De Appel 

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