In our October Newsletter we introduced you to Peace Poet Hanneke Eggels. Along with our interview with Ms Eggels, we also made a Video Recital of one of her Poems titled ‘Charter on our Peace Palace Library YouTube-Channel. To mark the end of the year, Ms Eggels pleasantly surprised us with another poem, titled 'Curiosity'. Please read it here.



 a polar lander maps

Gethsemane, Mecca

Buddha tempels

the river Ganges

 stables of Bethlehem

 as we live in holy places

under the same sky

without the same horizon

worshipping ancient gods

 singing about a Xmas child

 NASA explores

a remote red world

in high density

searching for water

 fuel for peace


Read our interview with Ms. Hanneke Eggels from our October Newsletter here



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