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Kirsty Donald, LLB bachelor student in International and European Law at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, is this month's Library User in the Spotlight. Find out more about how the discovery of one particular book in the Peace Palace Library not only inspired her but led to her to become the Netherlands’ representative for the European Citizens’ Initiative to “End Ecocide in Europe”. Read more about her unique story here:

“One of the main benefits of studying in the Hague is being surrounded by manifestations of International Law on a daily basis. Students are so fortunate that whilst we learn the theory, we are constantly reminded of the practicalities of the subject. The other main advantage is of course having access to the Peace Palace Library and its world-class collection of publications on International Law. It is inspirational to visit the Peace Palace Library, to walk into the Peace Palace grounds to such a prestigious institution. Its reputation is matched by the excellent service. The staff are always so helpful, friendly and efficient.

My personal experience with the Peace Palace Library has led me to start campaigning for the crime of ecocide. Last year, I was writing a paper on the subject of International Environmental Law and how it could effectively protect the Arctic from oil drilling. That was when I came across Polly Higgins’ book, “Eradicating ecocide: laws and governance to protect the destruction of our planet”. Polly Higgins’ argument that the Earth needs the crime of Ecocide made absolute sense and so I wanted to learn more. Now I am the Netherlands’ Representative for “Ecocide in Europe: A Citizen’s Initiative to give the Earth Rights”. We hope to get over 1 million signatures to persuade the European Commission to adopt legislation to prohibit, prevent and pre-empt Ecocide. The Peace Palace recently published the Ecocide Research Guide, illustrating the growing importance of this area of International Environmental Law. The Ecocide Research Guide can be found on the  Earth Lawyers' Website, where there is also more information about Eradicating Ecocide and the European Citizens Initiative.”

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