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The Peace Palace Library looks back on the most notable international law news and library blogs of 2012.  

A lot can happen in 12 months. The year 2012 was an eventful year with positive events and with disasters and luckily it was not the end of the world, as predicted by the Mayan calendar.

We had a few terrible disasters like the Costa Concordia Shipwreck and the Typhoon Bopha in the Philippines. We had the terrible mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown and there was the Benghazi Consulate attack. There was the Arab Spring, the Greek government debt crisis and former Liberian President Charles Taylor was found guilty on 11 counts of aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity during the Sierra Leone Civil War.

The year 2012 was also a busy election year; Mohammed Morsi won the Egypt elections, China named his new Leader Xi Jinping and Barack Obama was re-elected. And last but not least 2012 was a sports year with the UEFA World Cup and the London summer Olympics.

Most of these important events and more were selected by the Peace Palace Library staff and brought to you via our news service “International law news”. The staff also contributes regularly to the Peace Palace Library weblogs. The blog posts deal with various subjects on international Law, often related to recent developments in international affairs. Each blog contains links and references to the collection of the Peace Palace Library, and might facilitate your research. Hereby a selection of the most popular law related blog posts of 2012:

For the Peace Palace Library the year 2012 started with our renewed website in order to improve our (online) library services and optimize the accessibility of our resources. With the renewed design and interface we hope our services to be clear, attractive and user friendly for you. We hope you like these improvements. Besides the international law news and the Library blogs, the Peace Palace Library provides more news services about library activities such as the Library newsletter, RSS and alerts and Library tweets.

Did you also already explore our Research Guides? These Research Guides introduce students, researchers, scholars and others to the main topics of international law, both public as private,  municipal and comparative law, international relations, diplomacy, war and peace. Besides providing a brief introduction, the guides also suggest certain books, articles, databases and other materials considered indispensable. All these materials are available in the Peace Palace Library. We also added a new service associated to the topics of the research guides called “new titles”. If you subscribe to alerts, we will notify you on the new acquisitions on these topics. These new titles can be books, book chapters, journals and journal articles.

On behalf of the Peace Palace Library staff, I like to thank our members, users and readers. We wish you a very happy new year and if you like, we will keep you updated, so be or stay tuned!!!

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