Hague Academy of International Law - Summer Programme

The famous Summer Courses of the Hague Academy take place over a period of six weeks: three weeks of public international law and three weeks of private international law. Since ninety years thousands of students attended these Summer Courses, representing between sixty and ninety nationalities each year. Students have the opportunity to attend lectures of internationally re-known scholars of international law and thus attending courses of a high level. Many of the alumni have become well-known in the judiciary, diplomacy and academic world. Studying in The Hague, the Legal Capital of the World, the Academy provides students the opportunity to have contacts with the International Court of Justice, the international criminal courts, the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal, the Bureau of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Conference on Private International Law, and other institutions. During the summer, the students have access to the Peace Palace Library and all of its resources.

Public International Law

First Period: 8-26 July 2013

Inaugural Lecture

8 July
* National Boundaries, Limits and Delimitations: How Significant are these Today?
Member of the International Law Commission

General Course

8-26 July
The Course of International Law. Practice and Process of the Law of Nations
Whewell Professor at the University of Cambridge

Special Courses

8-12 July
The International Law of Global Governance
Professor at Tel Aviv University

8-12 July
* What Normativity for the Law of International Monetary and Financial Relations?
Jean-Marc SOREL
Professor at Sorbonne Law School, Paris I University

15-19 July
* Article 103 of the United Nations Charter
Robert KOLB
Professor at the University of Geneva

15-19 July
The Role of Domestic Judges in the Development of International Law
Professor at the University of Lodz

22-26 July
* The Law of Nationality and the Law of Regional Organisations for Integration: Towards New Types of Status for Residents?
Professor at the University of Milan

22-26 July
* The Protection of Individuals in the Event of Catastrophes
Professor at Korea University School of Law 

* Lectures delivered in French, simultaneously interpreted into English.


Private International Law

Second Period: 29 July-16 August 2013

Inaugural Lecture

29 July
Transnational Commercial Law and Conflict of Laws: Institutional Co-operation and Substantive Complementarity
Herbert KRONKE
Professor at Heidelberg University

General Course

5-16 August
* The Role of Political Considerations in Private International Law
Patrick KINSCH
Lawyer, Visiting Professor at the University of Luxemburg

Special Courses

29 July-2 August
Conflict among Enforcement Regimes in International Economic Law
John E. Schiller Chair in Legal Ethics, Indiana University

29 July-2 August
Efficiency in Private International Law
Toshiyuki KONO
Professor at Kyushu University

29 July-2 August
* The Legal Status of Public and Private Standards in International Economic Relations
Professor at the University of Leuven

5-9 August
"Trusts" in Private International Law
David John HAYTON
Judge at the Caribbean Court of Justice

5-9 August
* Methods of Private International Law Put to the Test of Labour Law
Étienne PATAUT
Professor at Sorbonne Law School, Paris I University

12-16 August
International Commercial Arbitration, a Comparative Approach with Special Focus on Russia
Head of the Private International Law Department, Moscow State Institute of International Relations

12-16 August
* International Protection of Human Rights and Activities of Transnational Companies
Professor at the University of Venice

* Lectures delivered in French, simultaneously interpreted into English.

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