Russian Vase Peace Palace

This month we present another peace poem titled 'Masseurs of Peace' from our Centenary poetry series by Ms. Hanneke Eggels.


masseurs of peace

after amazing battles

with history in conflict

human nature struggles

in her world waving

with predictions


the judges 

- masseurs of  peace -

compare our lies

from a variety of angles

taking them by surprise


citizens rush to fences

of a gateway sky

scrapers’ staircase

in Cordonniers’ citadel 

leads men well over


the edge to a new

decennium feast

of human rights

By Hanneke Eggels

  • Cordonnier: French architect of the Peace Palace in The Hague, the Netherlands.
  • The Peace Palace is next to an amalgam of styles due to foreign contributions from abroad also an historic document of the ‘Delft’ movement, a technical and scientific style.

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