Peace Palace Sixth-Prize Winning Design by F. Schwechten. Photo collection Carnegie Foundation

The sixth-prize winning design by Franz Schwechten of Berlin with an elaborate ground plan in the classical style. It had not precisely impressed the members of the jury, it would seem, witness the report: 'The exterior of this design is well composed, though not particularly interesting or dignified, and while the noticeably unsymmetrical plan shows some careful study, the small, narrow light-areas seem out of place in a building occupying an open site'. (Eyffinger, A.C.G.M., The Peace Palace: Residence for Justice, Domicile of Learning, The Hague, Carnegie Foundation, 1988, pag. 63-75)

 (No. 130 Eirene)


‘Schwechten had been inspired by the work of the Italian architect Palladio, but adapted his design to German taste’.  (De Opmerker, 16 June 1906, p. 186)

‘It is very similar to the design he submitted in the architectural competition for the Reichstag building in Berlin in 1882. Only the plan is adjusted to the programme of requirements’.  (De Opmerker, 30 June 1906, p. 202.)

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