Achieving Sustainable Peacebuilding: Retrospect and Prospect

Conference, 29 August 2013 | The Hague, The Hague Institute for Global Justice

On 29 August, The Hague Institute will convene a high-level conference titled: Achieving Sustainable Peacebuilding: Retrospect and Prospect. This conference builds on a research project which seeks to provide an understanding of the complex challenges involved in stabilization and reconstruction in fragile and conflict-affected situations.

Featuring Dutch and international representatives from governments, international organizations, academia, civil society and the private sector, participants will focus on three areas:

  • Achieving Sustainable Peacebuilding: What have we Learned?
  • Securing Peace After Interventions: Afghanistan, Iraq and LibyaBuilding
  • Peaceful States in an Era of Globalization: Future Directions

Visit The Hague Institute’s website for more details about this event.

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