Embassy Centennial Book Project: Canada, Nicaragua, Peru and the United Arab Emirates

The Peace Palace Centenary Celebrations may have come to an end on 21 September with the 'Peace One Day Concert', but the same cannot be said about the Embassy Centennial Book Project. This Book Project is still in full gear and this month we received generous donations from the Embassy of Peru, the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, the Embassy of Nicaragua and the Embassy of Canada! Find out which books are now part of our National Law Collection.

Embassy NicaraguaOn 20 September, the Embassy of Nicaragua enriched our National Law collection with the following publications:

1. Montiel Argüello, A., Temas históricos y jurídicos, Bolonia Printing, 2008.

2. Montiel Argüello, A., La Corte suprema y el derecho internacional, 2nd edicion, Aurora, 1997.

3. La convención sobre el derecho del mar y la politica maritima de Nicaragua: actas del seminario 'La convención de las Naciones Unidas sobre el derecho del mar y la politica maritima de Nicaragua', 27/28 de noviembre de 1995, Managua, Nicaragua Fondo Cultural del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, 1996.

On 24 September, H.E. Abdalla Hamdan Alnaqbi, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates visited the Peace Palace Library and generously donated the following  publications:

Embassy United Arab Emirates - Book Donation - 24 september 20131. Mattair, T., The Three Occupied UAE Islands, The Tunbs and Abu Musa, Abu Dhabi, The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, 2005.

2. Abraham, M., The Gulf Oil and Gas Sector, Potential and Constraints, Abu Dhabi, Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, 2006.

3. Arabian Gulf Security, Internal and External Challenges', Abu Dhabi, Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, 2008.

4. Weatcroft, A., With United Strength, H.H. Sheikh Zayib Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, The Leader and the Nation, Abu Dhabi, Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, 2004.

On the 25 of September, The Peace Palace Library was delighted to receive 55 publications from the Embassy of Peru. A small donation ceremony was held in the Peace Palace to mark the transfer of all materials to the Library. In his speech, Peruvian Ambassador Allan Wagner recognized the importance of not only the Library but also of the Hague Academy of International Law as institutions instrumental in preparing students for a future career in international law as well as in the foreign service. Counsellor José-Antonio Torrico selected five publications to be put on display in the Historic Reading Room:

Peruvian Book Donation IIMinistry of Foreign Affairs of Peru – United Nations

1. Pérez de Cuéllar, J., Homenaje al Embajador de la Paz, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Naciones Unidas.

Peruvian Diplomatic Academy

2. Bedoya, C.G., Política exterior peruana. Teoría y Práctica.

3. Bákula, J.M., Perú: entre la Realidad y la Utopia. 180 años de Política Exterior, Volume I and II, 2002.

4. Rodríguez Cuadros, M., Maritime Delimination with Equity. The Case of Peru vs Chile.

Institute for International Studies (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

5. García-Corrochano, L., Derecho Internacional Público, Tomo I, Fabián Novak. 

Book Donation By The Canadian Embassy - Ambassador Lambert in the Historic Reading Room IIOn 30 September, H.E. James M. Lambert, Ambassador of Canada, visited the Reading Room of the Peace Palace Library to make a generous contribution to our Embassy Book Donation Project. “On the occasion of the centennial anniversary of the Peace Palace, I am pleased to make today’s donation on behalf of the Embassy of Canada to the Netherlands. Reflecting both the bilingual and bijural character of Canada, we are honoured to have these law books included in the Peace Palace Library’s already rich National Law Collection”, said Ambassador Lambert during the handover ceremony. The Canadian contribution, made possible by the Canadian Embassy’s Post Initiative Fund, consisted of the following publications:

1. Dodek, A., The Canadian Constitution, Toronto, Dundurn, 2013.

2Kindred, H.M. and P.M. Saunders (eds.), International Law: Chiefly as Interpreted and Applied in Canada, 7th ed., [S.l.], Montgomery, 2006.

3Arbour, J.-M. et G. Parent, Droit international public, 6e éd., Cowansville, Blais, 2012.

4Hogg, P.W., Constitutional Law of Canada, 2013 Student edition, Toronto, Thomson Reuters Carswell, 2013.

5. Baudouin, J.-L., Code civil, Québec, 2013-2014 = Québec, Civil Code, 2013-2014, Montréal, Wilson & Lafleur ltée, 2013.

The Peace Palace Library would like to express its deep gratitude and appreciation to the Embassies of Nicaragua, the United Arab Emirates, Peru and Canada in response to their recent book donation to our special book project as part of the Peace Palace Centenary.

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