This month, the Embassy Book Donation Project has continued to receive generous donations from five Embassies, namely, the Embassy of Georgia, the Embassy of Korea, the Embassy of the Philippines, the Peruvian Embassy for the second time (!), the Embassy of Rwanda and the Embassy of Guatemala. Find out which publications are now part of our National Law Collection.




Embassy of the PhilippinesOn Wednesday October 9, the Embassy of the Philippines visited the Peace Palace Library and generously donated the following publications:

  1. Dictionary of Contemporary International Law.
  2. Equal Dignity and Respect.
  3. Everyone's Labor Code.
  4. International Law.
  5. The 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines: A Commentary.
  6. Universal Human Rights: A Reality in the Constitution of the Philippines.


Embassy of GeorgiaOn 17 October, the Embassy of Georgia, through Ms Tamar Gvinadze, generously donated the following publications to the Peace Palace Library: 

  1. The Constitution of the Republic of Georgia.








Ambassade Korea - BoekschenkingOn 30 October, we welcomed H.E. Ambassador Mr Key Cheol Lee and Mr. Junghwan Rhie, Counsellor, from the Embassy of Korea. The Korean Embassy generously donated 190 publications!! Out of these 190 publications, a special series regarding judgments of the Korean Supreme Court was selected to be placed in the Historic Reading Room of the Peace Palace Library. These publications are:



On November 4, Mr. Guillaume Kavaruganda, Minister Counsellor  from the Embassy of Rwanda visited the Peace Palace Library and generously donated the following publications to our National Law Collection:

  1. Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda.


Books donated by the Embassy of Guatamala to the Peace Palace Library - November 4 - 2013On November 4,  H.E. Ambassador Jorge Lemcke Arevalo and Mr. Carlos Garcia Reyes from the Embassy of Guatemala visted the Peace Palace Library and enriched our National Law Collection by generously donating a series consisting of seven publications regarding the Guatemalan Constitution and national laws. In addition, the Embassy of Guatemala also donated a Glossary of legal terminology translated from Spanish in 9 of the 23 Mayan languages that exist in Guatemala.   These publications are :



On October 28, Mr. José-Antonio Torrico, counsellor of the Embassy of Peru visited the Peace Palace Library and generously donated for the second time publications for our National Law Collection. These are:

  1. Peregrinaje por la Paz by Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, Lima-Peru: Aguilar, Nuevo Siglo, 2000 
  2. Consideraciones para la delimitación marítima del Perú  by Marisol Agüero Colunga, Lima-Peru : Editorial Fund of the Peruvian Congress, 2001
The Peace Palace Library would like to express its deep gratitude and appreciation to the Embassies of the Philippines, Georgia, Korea, Rwanda, Guatamala and Peru in response to their recent book donations to our special book project as part of our centennial celebrations. 
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