Guide to International Organisations in The Hague, The Hague, City of The Hague, 2013.
The Hague is the International City of Peace and Justice. There are 160 international organisations in The Hague, employing around 14,000 people dedicated to the cause of world peace. As far away as Sarajevo, Nairobi and Kabul, the name ‘The Hague’ represents hope: hope for millions of people that the crimes perpetrated against them will not go unpunished. Hope for a peaceful future. Find out more about the organisations and what they do.
Resolution of conflicts in the courtroom
Many people in The Hague are working towards a peaceful and just world, in which conflicts are not settled on the battlefield, but in the courts. There are also many people in The Hague who are working for a world without chemical weapons, and without ethnic cleansing. A world in which the might of right prevails, and not the right of the mighty. Anyone who thinks they are above international law will be called by the world to account in The Hague.
International organisations
The Peace Palace in The Hague, with the International Court of Justice and Permanent Court of Arbitration, is the icon of international law. There is nevertheless more in the city: the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the International Criminal Court, Eurojust and Europol, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and many other large and small international organisations. The Hague even has an International Zone, a large area in which an increasing number of international organisations are based. There the world’s second United Nations parade of flags proudly symbolises the city's international role.
Living and working in The Hague
Tens of thousands of people from all over the world live and work in and around The Hague. They bring extra colour to the city and highlight its unique international character. The Hague is an attractive city for international companies to base themselves; there are more than 300 in the region. Shell, Siemens and Nationale Nederlanden – each with their head offices in the city – are among the largest.
More information
If you would like to find out more about The Hague as the International City of Peace and Justice, please contact the Department of International Affairs at the Municipality of The Hague. The telephone number is +31 (0)70 353 32 04, and the e-mail address is

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