Irawati Handayani

Irawati Handayani, PhD student at Padjadjaran University Law School, Bandung-Indonesia

'The Peace Palace Library is one of my favorite places on earth. Each time I travel abroad, I try to find spare time to visit and experience the library. This autumn was my second visit to the Peace Palace Library. Last year, I attended  the Hague Academy 's Summer Course in Public International Law and to conduct short research in the library. This year, I had more time to conduct research for my thesis and truly speaking, I was amazed by the collection of books and journals on international law from many scholars and experts around the world. I can find old textbooks and journals as well as the newest editions which is fascinating. I also love the environment at the library; it has a cozy Reading Room and it feels like home. I’d say that this Library is ‘heaven’ for an international law researcher like me. Here, I can find comprehensive and valuable resources that relate to my thesis which will definitely benefit the completion of my studies. I would also like to express my gratitude to the Director of the Peace Palace Library, Mr. Jeroen Vervliet, for granting me permission to conduct my research here, not to mention the kindness of librarians Mr. Niels and Ms. Candice for helping me with the materials and administrative matters. Many thanks to the Peace Palace Library and the staff members for supporting my research. I wish you the best for your future endeavors'.

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