New Peace and Justice Website for The Hague Online Toolkit about the International City

The Hague Peace and Justice website offers visitors an online toolkit so that they can talk and write about the international city themselves. Tools include background information, ‘ready to publish’ texts, videos, photos, news and an events calendar. All materials are available in Dutch, French and English and can be downloaded royalty free.

The stories behind the city

What makes this website special is that it features not only facts and figures, but also stories explaining the city’s exceptional position. You can see and hear how people in The Hague are working to build a better world and how their work is actually affecting the world. Video footage allows you to hear extraordinary people talking about what it means to them personally to work in the city of peace and justice; people like Joan Donoghue, a judge at the International Court of Justice, and Grace Asirwatham, deputy director-general of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Online toolkit

The online toolkit is handy for a broad range of people: from Dutch pupils preparing a school presentation on peace and justice to international corporations keen to do more on these issues; from tourists who wants to visit the Peace Palace to residents of The Hague who can glimpse the buildings of international organisations from their window; from foreign law students hoping to study at Campus The Hague of Leiden University to delegates of international conferences in The Hague.

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