The Staff of the Peace Palace wishes you a Merry Cristmas and a peaceful Happy New Year! We can now look back on 2013 as a remarkable year. We have celebrated our Centennial Anniversary between August 28th and September 21st, the UN Day of Peace, with a chain of special events. Through these events, we have emphasized our unwavering commitment to a better world in which conflicts are settled peacefully.

Peace and Justice

Since its inauguration, the Peace Palace has become a worldwide icon of Peace and Justice. Inside this monument and in its vicinity, thousands of people, employed by over 160 international organizations, strive every day towards a safer and more just world. The Peace Palace is the embodiment of The Hague as international City of Peace and Justice and of Dutch expertise in this field. We remained committed to this. In the future too, world leaders, legal experts, diplomats and students will find their way to The Hague, to work together on a more peaceful and more just world.

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