Embassy Centennial Book Donation Project: Israel and South-Africa

Our special Embassy Centennial Book Donation Project continues into the new year! This month, the Embassies of Israel and South-Africa have generously donated many books to help us expand our National Law Collection. Find out what publications are now part of the Library Collection.

We recently received a pleasant visit from H.E. Ambassador Haim Divon and Ms. Shoshi Reshef Mor of the Embassy of Israel. They enriched our national law collection by generously donating the following publications:

1. Rōzen, S., The Perplexities of Modern International Law, Rev. and updated Hebrew-Israeli edition, Jerusalem, Mōsad Bialiq, 2012.

2. Salev, G., Law of Contracts, Raananah, Ha-universitah hapetuhah, 2009.

3. Kohen, H., Ha-mišpat, Jerusalem, Mōsad Bialīq, 1999.

4. Elōn, M., Ha-mis̆paț ha-'tōlĕdōtaw, mĕqōrōtaw, Jerusalem, Magnus Press, 1998.

Ambassade Zuid-Afrika in Den HaagThe Embassy of South-Africa has also contributed to our National Law collection by generously donating the following publications:

1. Currie, I., Bill of Rights Handbook, Cape Town, JUTA, 2013.

2. Forsyth, C.F., Private International Law: the Modern Roman-Dutch Law including the Jurisdiction of the High Courts, Cape Town, JUTA, 2012.

3. Dugard, J., International Law: a South African Perspective, Cape Town, JUTA, 2011. 

The Peace Palace Library would like to express its deep gratitude and appreciation to the Embassies of Israel and South-Africa in response to their recent book donations to our special book project as part of our centennial celebrations.

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