Legal Database: CAIRN

CAIRN provides a multi-disciplinary collection of French as well as Belgian language periodicals in the social sciences and humanities. The collection is currently comprised of over 150 titles from more than 40 publishers, teaching institutions and learned societies. The primary subject areas covered by the collection are law, history, psychology, economics, political science and sociology. Journals range in date from 2001 to the present, gathering more than 40,000 articles. In 2013, around 400 journals and more than 4,000 eBooks from French, Belgian and Swiss major publishers were made accessible enabling students and scholars all over the world to access more than 200,000 articles and book chapters online, in full-text. All publications proposed on Cairn have a strong link with the French language. However, this does not mean that there is not English content available through this service: around 50,000 abstracts are currently available in English and over 2,000 full-text English articles, either in their original language of publication or translated from French.

Please note: Database CAIRN is only accessible inside the Reading Room of the Peace Palace Library.


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