Library donates High Resolution Photographs to Wikimedia Commons

The Peace Palace Library has made high resolution photographs of about 1700 prints from 17th and 18th-Century books from its collection and donates these photographs to the image database Wikimedia Commons. A Wikipedian in Special Residence assists the library in doing so. This project is currently in full swing. Some examples:

Wikipedians in Residence

Wikipedians in Special Residence (WisR's, Netherlands, 2013-2014) is a project in which two hired Wikipedians link the data and expertise of twelve specialised Dutch libraries and Wikimedia sites. The WSWB, de Werkgroep Speciale Wetenschappelijke Bibliotheken (Scientific Library Working Group), a collaboration of Dutch libraries, has taken the initiative for this project. The difference with the regular Wikipedian in Residence is that in this project twelve libraries will have their own Wikipedian for two months each.

A Wikipedian in Residence is a role in which a Wikipedia editor accepts a placement with an institution to facilitate Wikipedia entries related to that institution. The first Wikipedian in Residence was Liam Wyatt, an Australian Wikipedia editor. His period of the residency was five weeks during which Wyatt aimed to develop the relationship between Wikipedia and the British Museum. Matthew Cock, who runs the museum’s web site remarked: "I looked at how many Rosetta Stone page views there were at Wikipedia - that's perhaps our iconic object - and five times as many people go to the Wikipedia article as to ours."

More information about this special project will be published in our next newsletter.

Hans Muller, Wikipedian in Residence, and Rens Steenhard

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