Hague Academy User in the Spotlight Jakub Zwoliński

Jakub Zwoliński, PhD student at Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń-Poland.

I visited the Academy’s Library very often during my stay in The Hague, because I participated in the Summer Course, organized by the Hague Academy of International Law. I must admit, that the whole course was an extraordinary experience, due to giving me the opportunity to participate in the lectures, which were conducted by famous and influential academics, from prestigious and acclaimed universities and international institutions. This course allowed me to improve and refresh my knowledge of public international law.

Aside from the science activities, I also took part in a wide range of trips and excursions. My tour of the Peace Palace was a wonderful experience; I touched the history, when I started to listen to our guide telling us all about the peace conferences and describing all the pieces of art, gifted by states and nations. In addition to this, I had the possibility to speak with the President of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which was the great pleasure and honor to me.

The Library is a great place. The nice atmosphere and the cozy, comfortable surroundings, enable you to focus on your reading and enjoying the atmosphere of this unique place. The collection of books and articles is truly impressive and everybody can find something suitable for own interests and researches. The staff of the Library was also very kind and helpful.

All things considered,  I will remember the Hague Academy as a very nice place to visit and a huge opportunity to making international friendships as well as gaining knowledge, concerning public international law.

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