Vredespaleis WO I 1914 Verstoorde Vredes-Illusie (01)

Postcard from the days of the First World War. Translated from Dutch: ‘Disturbed Peace-Illusion’. On the back: 'Disturbed Peace-Illusion. The Angel of Peace expelled from the Peace Palace by the War Demon'. Weenenk & Snel, The Hague. 14 67695. Dated 1914.

The Peace Palace and the First World War

For Andrew Carnegie, the opening of the Peace Palace, on 28 August 1913, was a triumph. He began 1914 with great optimism. In his new year’s wish for that year, he declared himself ‘strong in the faith that international Peace [was] soon to prevail’. History would, as known, take a dramatically different course with the outbreak of the First World War later that year. For the sceptics, this was proof that they had been right: the ‘Temple of Peace’ could not prevent war, and conflicts between States would still be fought on the battlefield.

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