On Tuesday August 12, the Library will organize a guided walking tour through the International Peace & Justice zone surrounding the Peace Palace. On our way, we will pass six locations that are strongly connected to the history of the Peace Palace. By taking the Peace Palace Walking Tour you will get an understanding of how The Hague became known as the city of peace and justice and the significant role the Peace Palace played in making this happen.

The walking tour on Tuesday August 12 will start at 16.00 hrs. We will assemble in front of the Peace Palace. The tour will last approximately 1,5 hours and will end at the OPCW. From there it is a 1 km walk or 2 minute tram ride back to the Peace Palace. The tour will be in English. Attendance is free, but participants are required to sign-up by sending an e-mail to info@peacepalacelibrary.nl.

Please join us!!

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