On August 29 , The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism - The Hague and the TMC Asser Institute will convene a high level panel on the use of military evidence in counter- terrorism operations. The past years have shown a clear shift in counter-terrorism operations: rather than a “capture or kill” attitude, counter-terrorism activities are increasingly moving towards law enforcement operations with a focus on criminal prosecutions. Nevertheless, the military remains an important actor in such operations and has become crucial in securing and gathering evidence used to prosecute alleged terrorists. This expert panel looks at some of the scenarios and challenges faced by the military, prosecutors and judges in gathering and using such evidence collected on the battlefield. In their discussions, Mr. Bas van Hoek LL.M. (Centre of Military Criminal Law, Public Prosectuion Service District Office East Netherlands), Dr. Bibi van Ginkel (Research Fellow, ICCT) and Dr. David Scharia (Legal Expert, UN Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate) will consider issues such as practical challenges, the admissibility of evidence, the protection of due process and human rights, as well as national precedents and experiences from tribunals such as the International Criminal Court. Additional panellists will be confirmed shortly.

This event will take place on Friday August 29 at 15.00 hrs at the TMC Asser Institute at the R.J.Schimmelpennincklaan 20-22 in The Hague.


For more information and registration please visit:  http://www.haguejusticeportal.net/index.php?id=13144

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