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Jura.be is an online Library from Kluwer Belgium. The database is multi-disciplinary and for each discipline, an extensive range of legislation, case law and jurisprudence is available. Jura.be contains summaries of published judgments with a reference to the journal in which they are published; the full texts of the decisions of the Court of Cassation and of the Court of Arbitration are also available. The full text of a number of Kluwer publications is available via the 'pay-per-document' system. As far as the case law is concerned, a distinction is made depending on whether Belgian, European/international or other foreign case law is involved. All Belgian and foreign case law in Belgian journals is analysed. The case law of the most common European and international legal boards, including the Court of Justice and the Court of the First Instance, is analysed in Belgian and foreign journals. Logging into Jura.be takes place through the website of Legalworld.

Please note: This database is only accessible inside the Reading Room of the Peace Palace Library.

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