Library User in the Spotlight: Stefan Marges

My name is Stefan Marges and I recently graduated MSc. Management of Technology at Delft University of Technology.  As a follow-up on my thesis work, I am currently writing a research paper with the topic of Business Models for service-oriented companies.

It is often that you travel all over the world to visit new and inspiring places, but that you tend to overlook the interesting places in your own city, and so I must admit that while I already live in The Hague for five years now, I just recently found out that the Peace Palace Library is such an inspiring place to work. The Peace Palace always had something magical for me, and so I wanted to visit the Peace Palace with my girlfriend one day, because it is such a wonderful building from the exterior, and we wanted to see the interior as well. That day we could not visit the building, but we did found out about the Library.

Before, I always worked at the Delft Library and Royal Library (Koninklijke Bibliotheek), but there, I had the feeling I worked in a closed off space where I was not aware of the outside environment and sometimes I found out at the end of the day that it had rained all day. This is quite the opposite in the Peace Palace, where I have a nice overview of the gardens during my work, which inspires me for when I am stuck in my own thoughts.

Such a shame that I found out about the Peace Palace Library at the end of my studies, otherwise I would have spent a lot more time here.

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