Centre 2012 visit to the Netherlands Royal Navy Base in Den Helder

Papastavridis, E.D. and K.N.Trapp (eds.), La criminalité en mer = Crimes at Sea, Leiden; Boston, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2014.

The Centre for Studies and Research in International law and International Relations of the Hague Academy devoted its Session in 2012 to the issue of 'Criminal Acts at Sea'. The late twentieth and early twenty-first century has seen maritime criminality emerge as an issue of both great practical importance and academic interest. Twenty participants from French- and English-speaking sections carried out this project with passion and talent. The present volume includes some of the outstanding products of their work. The chapters in this volume underscore the common challenges in international co-operation at the level with respect to crimes at sea identify a number of the potential shortcomings of the applicable international law. An extensive bibliography has been prepared by the Peace Palace Library.


Efthymios D. Papastavridis, Crimes at Sea: a Law of the Sea Perspective (Report of the Director of Studies)

Kimberley, N. Trapp, La criminalité en mer: l'approche du droit international (Rapport du directeur d'études)

Sarah Fiona Gahlen, La compétence nationale en matière de pollution marine

Gabriela A. Oanta, Illegal Fishing as a Criminal Act at Sea

Aikaterini Grymaneli, La compétence des tribunaux internes en matière de piraterie

Solène Guggisberg, Le trafic illicite de migrants en mer

Nasser Abdoul, Le vol à main armée en mer

Cheah Wui Ling, Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance in the Prosecution of Serious Maritime Crimes: a Comparative and Critical Analysis of Applicable Legal Frameworks

Eniola Williams, Private Armed Guards in the Fight against Piracy

Jasmine Coppens, Search and Rescue

Dimitrios Batsalas, Maritime Interdiction and Human Rights

Arnaud Montas, La lutte contre la criminalité en mer à l'épreuve de la Cour européenne des droits de l'homme

Hamza Cherief, La pénalisation de la prolifération maritime des armes de destruction massive

Panagiotis Sergis, War Crimes during Armed Conflicts at Sea

Kiara Neri, La responsabilité de l'Etat dans le cadre des opérations d'interdiction maritime

Isaias Yemane Tesfalidet, Shiprider Institution: Questions of Jurisdiction and State Responsibility

R.J.W. Ridderhof, R. Steenhard (eds.), Bibliographie sélective = Selected Bibliography

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