AAA German National Group Meeting, Kiel 2014

On Friday October 24 and Saturday October 25, the Association of Attendees and Alumni of The Hague Academy of International Law visited the annual meeting of the German national group in Kiel. The board of the German national group invited the Hague Academy association for a two-day conference and meeting at the Walther Schücking Institute for International Law. The institute is the oldest university institute for public international law in the world and had just celebrated its 100-years anniversary.

On Friday we met at the university institute for an afternoon filled with lectures from different professors and research associates who all work for the institute. We listened to lectures about the history of the institute, the Ukrainian Crisis, the role of MINUSTAH in Haiti, and a lecture about the Common Heritage of Human Kind. The Walther Schücking Institute is most famous for its research on the Law of the Sea.

On Saturday the annual meeting of the German national group took place at the Christian Albrechts University of Kiel. During this meeting, the board of the German national group talked about their yearly activities, members, and about the future of national groups of the AAA. After the meeting a tour was planned through the Walther Schücking Institute and its library. The library is Germany’s oldest and biggest university library for international law, which became the first German library to have the status of UN Depository Library since 1948. In the evening we were all invited to have dinner at the Stena Line Building in Kiel.

The visit to Kiel has been very interesting and it was very well-organized. In addition to the Kiel-programme, we also visited the city of Hamburg. And we learned some famous German words from the region: ‘Moin Moin’!

Sophie Brinkel, Vice- Secretary General of the Hague Academy Association

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