Orchestra for Peace · L'Orchestre pour la Paix, 3-4 December 2014

The renowned Orchestra for Peace (L'Orchestre pour la Paix) from the Middle East, consisting of Muslims, Jews and Christians is coming to The Hague on 3. and 4. December 2014. The orchestra will give two prestigious guest appearances in the City of Peace and Justice. Miguel Angel Estrella, a well-known Argentine pianist, developed the concept of a peace orchestra since 1988. The goal of the orchestra is to strengthen the relationship between countries, cultures and religions. The Egyptian concertmaster Nader Abbassi is the conductor of the Orchestra for Peace.

During the concerts pieces of Mozart (Noce Figaro), Bach (Piano Concerto in F minor) and Mendelssohn (Symphony 4 "Italienne") will be heard. In the first part, two vocal soloists will perform and in the second part - the piano concerto - Miguel Angel Estrella will play the lead role himself.

After the concert on the 3rd of December at the Peace Palace (by invitation only), the Orchestra for Peace will perform on the 4th of December in the Kloosterkerk. Start at 20 hrs doors open at 19.30 hrs.

Tickets for the concert on December 4 in the Kloosterkerk are available through our booking module. Tickets are € 20 (students and youth under 18 years € 15.

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