Ormiston, R., First World War Posters, London, Flame Tree Publishing, 2013.


  • Friday, 14 November - Conference Day
  • Saturday, 15 November - Europeana Collection Day
  • Tuesday, 18 NovemberJoyeux Noël (Film)
  • Exhibitions First World War Posters & 'Lettres d'un soldat'


Morning Programme

The First World War has bequeathed mankind a documentary evidence of military events, battlefield horrors and other reflections on war and peace. Correspondence between man and wife, containing all elements of an intimate relationship; posters, advocating participation in the war or an appeal to achieve peace; pacifists, exchanging views on the ending of the war and the triumph of a peaceful world. The Peace Palace Library, holding such collections, in collaboration with the ‘Alliance Française’, organizes lectures addressing these recollections of the First World War and present two exhibitions in the main entrance hall of the Peace Palace: The First World War in Posters & 'Lettres d’un soldat' – letters of a French soldier to his wife (1914-1915).

  • Prof. Peter Van den Dungen, The Peace Movement Collection of the Peace Palace Library and the First World War
  • Martijn Le Coultre, Posters of the First World War. Weapons of Mass Communication
  • Richard Schreurs, Introduction to the Exhibition ‘Lettres d’un soldat’ - letters of a French soldier to his wife (1914-1915)

Lectures start at 10:30. Doors open at 10:10. Registration

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