Model of the 3rd Hague Peace Conference Simulation

On Saturday May 9, 2015 the Hague student association Lunastrum organizes a simulation of the Third Hague Peace Conference at the Peace Palace. Lunastrum would like to give their students the opportunity to participate in this Model Conference to share their ideas on the modern warfare of the 21st Century and the perpetuation of peace among the nations in the rapidly changing global landscape.

In the First and the Second Hague Peace Conferences (in 1899 and 1907) the representatives of the Nation States at that time came together in The Hague to talk about warfare (the laws of war) in the 20th Century, and to agree on the peaceful settlement of disputes. 100 years ago, the 3rd Hague Peace Conference was scheduled to take place in The Hague at the Peace Palace. But, unfortunately, the First World War started and this third conference never took place. During the Model of the Third Hague Peace Conference students will simulate the representatives of the nation states and will talk about international humanitarian law and the settlement of disputes in a peaceful fashion. The idea is that they will experience what a Peace Conference would look and feel like in today’s world.

In preparation of this Model Event, Lunastrum organizes a series of masterclasses at the University of Applied Sciences.

For more information and registration for the event and the masterclasses, please visit:

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