Next Monday, the Peace Palace will welcome around 300 students from all over the world who will attend this year’s Summer Sessions of the Hague Academy of International Law. For many students, it will be their first time in The Hague and finding your way around the city can quite a challenge. Fortunately, there will be three lovely ladies to give out a  helping hand when you need one. Find out who they are and what they have to say.

Monique Legerman, Registration and General Affairs Officer

Monique has been the main contact person for attendees as well as invited lecturers throughout the preceding months to provide them with all relevant practical information. The more the Courses ’start date approaches, the more the excitement and nervousness tend to mount all around. Students are worried about last minute health insurance coverage and whether their requested visas will be delivered: Invited lecturers submit the last draft of their course outlines and their Power Point presentations to the Peace Palace Library’s e-learning environment, which was specifically created for Academy attendees. The most gratifying part of the job for Monique is to finally meet and interact with all the different students and world renowned lecturers when they come together in the Summer. “It’s incredibly touching to notice that teaching a course at the Academy can sometimes have even the most established legal experts shaking in their boots before stepping on to the podium for their first class, she comments.

Elisabeth Schuit, Assistant Academy’s Secretariat

Since November 2013 I have been working  as an assistant for the Academy’s Secretariat. I studied law and I lived in different foreign countries for several years. I am looking forward to the Summer Courses. I will be at the Helpdesk in the mornings.

Merula Oomen, Head of the Accomodation Department

Since many years Merula takes care of the housing of the Academy – students and professors.  She checks the lodging and makes sure that everybody has a pleasant place to stay. Maintaining a large network of persons in The Hague with rooms apartments or houses available for The Hague Academy Summer Courses, is part of her important task. ‘To make everybody feel at home in this wonderful city near the beaches and the dunes, full of musea, historical buildings and modern amusement’ is her motto. During the Courses, Ms. Oomen will be at the help desk in the Foyer of the Hague Academy.

Stephanie de Geest

I have been working for the finance department of the Hague Academy as well as the Carnegie Foundation since July 2014. I truly enjoyed the summer period meeting people from all over the world. This year I will not only be helping out with the finances, but I will also be at the helpdesk in the morning to answer any questions that you might have. I took a class in French to be able to speak to all the students in the language of their preference. Hopefully everybody will be able to make sense of what I say, because I am looking forward to meeting all of you.

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