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A warm welcome to the participants of the Centre of Research 2015 of the Hague Academy of International Law and in particular to professors Kamto and Tyagi.



My name is Raymond Ridderhof and my job at the Peace Palace Library is to purchase and select books and articles for our catalogue and make them available to our visitors.

Also I’ve been working on the bibliography Access of Individuals to International Justice.

It is a kind of challenge to extract the most relevant titles out of our catalogue.

Of course a list of about 5000 keywords is nice for a start and will help you/us on (y)our way.

But it’s obvious that  a keyword like “human rights” or “European Court of Human Rights” will result in more hits than for instance the keywords “access to justice” or “individuals”.

Many titles useful for you lack the keywords “access to justice” and/or “individuals”. I would say, that’s where the research starts.

I would like to advise you to use the “advanced search” option in the Peace Palace Catalogue to restrict your research to a combination of keywords (e.g. Access to justice and International Courts)

Please let me emphasize a few keywords which came up in my mind thinking about: Access of Individuals to International Justice:

Access to justice      Legal remedies        Locus standi

Individuals                Private enforcement       Legal protection

Diplomatic protection    Fonctionnaires internationaux

International courts        Settlement of disputes      International criminal tribunals

Victims (participation)  Amicus curiae

To the participants: Feel  free to ask about more keywords, give feedback or add additional suggestions; contact me by e-mail or ask for me at the desk of the Library.

I hope you will be able to find your way in our catalogue and that our library and the bibliography will benefit to your research project. Have a nice stay at the Peace Palace.

Thanks for your attention,

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