On Wednesday, September 23, in the Berlin State Library, Hannah Birkenkötter lectured about "Legal Blogs as a Means to alter Scientific Communication Structures and Legal Research? Insights from Verfassungsblog's Research Project."

In recent years, legal blogs rooted in academia have emerged in Germany. Verfassungsblog – on matters constitutional pioneered this development by engaging law professors in debates on constitutional law and policy matters since 2011, and other blogs, especially from younger scholars, have followed suit. Another blog about (the development) of international law is Völkerrechtsblog, where young legal researchers can express their opinion about public international law. How do blogs affect the way in which scientific communication takes place in the legal academic community? Verfassungsblog has explored these issues for more than a year. She presented some of the insights gathered through the research project and she shed her light on the role of legal blogs in jurisprudential research, mainly in Germany.

Hannah Birkenkötter (LLM) is a research assistant at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Chair for Public Law and Legal Philosophy (Prof. Christoph Möllers, LL.M.) and at Verfassungsblog's research project on scientific communication. She pursues a doctoral thesis in international law at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Her very informative lecture was held during the 34th Annual Course on International Law and Legal Information organized by the International Association of Law Libraries (IALL)

Within and in Between: German Legal Tradition in Times of Internationalization and Beyond.

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