The Nuremberg Archives in Pictures, March 1950

‘70 Years Nuremberg’, Lecture and Film Screening, 14 and 26 November

On Saturday November 14th and Thursday November 26th, the Peace Palace Library commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials against the principal perpetrators of the Hitler regime. The Nuremberg Trials mark an important moment in the history of international law. Individual Nazi war criminals were held responsible and indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity and brought to justice before a tribunal. The Nuremberg Trials provided a legal framework on which thereafter prosecution of international crimes was built and thus laid the foundation for international criminal law to emerge as a modern discipline. The Peace Palace Library invites you to join us in commemorating this important moment in history and to reflect on the lessons we have learnt from the Nuremberg Trials in recent times. Please, register here.

Picture 1: the archives of the International Military Tribunal arriving at Schiphol Airport on their way to the International Court of Justice, Peace Palace, 14 March 1950.

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