WorldTradeLaw.Net's  Dispute Settlement Commentary is a legal research tool for WTO Panel and Appellate Body Reports and WTO Arbitrations.

This database covers every WTO panel report, Appellate Body report and arbitration since 1995, when the WTO was established. For each, it provides background information, a detailed summary of the findings, commentary on the issues raised and citations to relevant journal literature. The summaries and analysis of new reports and arbitrations are provided within 1-3 weeks after their circulation. The database further includes tables, statistics and an overall index.  Links are given to the full reports and arbitration decisions. GATT panel reports are available as well, but without commentary or other complementary information. There is also information about ongoing WTO disputes.

In addition to the subscription database described above, the home page provides a number of free resources.  These include an online library of journal articles about trade law, a collection of GATT/WTO agreements and a searchable database of bilateral and regional trade agreements.

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